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Santa Cruz Demo Forest

Santa Cruz Demo Forest

Day trip from Santa Rosa to Santa Cruz Demonstration forest off of hwy 17. Lots of great single track with both natural and man made features. A newly built flow course that will expand and push your skills and limits. The ride will be 2.5 hrs long and we will be stopping for a late lunch.

The trip includes transportation and Guide Service. Guide service will include trail and rout knowledge, mechanical expertise, first aid certified, and overall sag support. Nutritional energy and hydration will be supplied. We use GU products. I’ll bring some celebration Beers!

We will be leaving Santa Rosa at 7:30 am and back home approximately 6 pm. We can pick you up south of Santa Rosa if needed as long as on the route we will be driving.

Although we will stop for food that is not included in the cost of trip.


Location: Santa Cruz, CA HWY17

Duration: 1 day(s)

Skill & Fitness Level: 4

Price: $45.00