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Leadville Bike Transport & Race Support

Leadville Bike Transport & Race Support

Leadville August 2015, Bike Transport and Race Support.
Are you planning on racing Leadville? Flying out but need help with the logistics of transporting your bike and all of your gear that’s needed for the race? Do you want to ride segments of the course to gain insight, but don’t know where to get started? Does a personalized aid station on the day of the event sound appealing? Do you want to feel prepared on race day? Sonoma Bike Guides can help! Read on to find out what services Sonoma Bike Guides can provide to support your Leadville experience, making it the best it can be.

Services included:

  • Round trip bike and gear transport from Bay Area to Leadville . Bike will not be broken down for transport and will not need to be adjusted or put together when arrive. Keep seat heights and fit with no hassles. Services include one bike and one gear bag per racer.
  • Two pre-race rides, one per day: Powerlines and Columbine. Includes shuttle service and guide. Put yourself at ease with knowing the course.
  • Day of race on course aid station–away from the crowds–that is personalized to your needs and concerns. Also, will have access to GU’s semi private aid stations as well. This will allow you to have 4 extra aid stations away from the other racers.
  • Bike tools and professional mechanic at aid station. Extra tires, tubes, wheels, and spare bike for emergencies. Warm clothes pick up at top of Columbine for the long descent and drop at the bottom.
  • VIP service at the GU house in Leadville to discuss nutrition, race planning, and race prep with coaches, racers, and nutritional specialists. You will be given product to use before, during, and after race if interested. Discuss race strategies with the specialist and veterans of Leadville.
  • Bike and drive train cleaning after the race.

Additional Services:

  • Pick up and drop off racer at airport in Denver. Price varies on arrival and departure times. Approximately $250 round trip.
  • Round trip transportation to race the morning of the event from hotel or cabin. Arrive to race start at your preferred time–save on hassles of having to arrive early to find parking.  Prevent getting too cold before the race. $25
  • Pre-race bike tune-up. $85
  • New tires, grips, brake pads for the event (price varies).
    Bike Overhaul (cables, housing, bearings serviced, wheels trued, tune-up) recommend at least 10 days before event. $175
  • Bay area skills clinic and ride. (bike check over, bike fitting, technical skills training, suggested training routes, nutritional and dietary concerns). $85
  • Additional luggage or gear $30 per bag. (One piece of luggage is included in the transport price.)
  • Over sized luggage or bags $150 per item (pop-up tents, chairs, tables).
  • Traveling with family or friends? $280 per 1 bike and 1 bag round trip if space allows.
  • Traveling with family or friends not signed up for Leadville race, but want to ride pre-race rides? $25 for one day or $35 for both days.

Scheduling of pick up locations and times in the bay area will take place as we get closer to the event. Plan on bike pick up about 10 days before the race and bike return 3 days after the race.

Can schedule a pick up in Sacramento and Tahoe on August 10th

A group discount is available for 5+ racers = 10% off and 10+ racers = 15% off

Price for Transport and Included Services: $475

Things to consider:

Airlines charge around $100-$175 each way for bike transportation.
Extra luggage on airlines can start at $30-$50 per piece.
Bikes flown out have to be broken down and boxed (causing potential damage in the process).
Bikes will have to be fit into your rental car, or a bike rack will need to be brought or rented.
Travel with ease and peace of mind.
You won’t have to worry about shuttling out to the course to go pre-ride it.
You won’t have to rely on public aid stations on race day. Personal aid stations will be more of a
positive impact than you think.
You won’t have to worry about airlines damaging your bike or losing it.
You will gain insight to the race, contributing to your Leadville experience, making it the best it can be.



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