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Do it yourself rides (GPX routes)

Do it yourself rides (GPX routes)

Want to know where the locals ride and the best routes for the area? Don’t really feel you need a guide and support but making sure your not having to look at a map every five minutes? Don’t waste time searching for suggestions or other training sites trying to create a vacation. I’ll make it simple for you. The pricing can vary but I’ll offer up to 30 minute phone conversation or emails to discuss wants, needs, skill and fitness levels, and also a general idea of expectation. I will create up to three days worth of GPX files so you can easily upload to a smart phone or Garmin. Also could just print maps from the files I give you in thats your preference.

$75 gets you consult with 3 routes. Each additional route is only $10.



Duration: 3 day(s)

Skill & Fitness Level: 1

Price: $75.00